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VIU Academic Catalog 2013 - 2014

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Addenda to 2013-2014 Catalog:

NOTE: All addenda are applied to the above PDF version of the 2013-2014 catalog.

  1. 09/16/2013 Revision on p. 27. 3rd option of Evidence of Sufficient English Language Proficiency.
    • 3.)Submitting official degree and transcript(s) from an institution where English was a primary language of instruction, for which verification is available through the International Handbook of Universities, published and edited by IAU/UNESCO. Additional information may be requested from the applicant’s university registrar’s office to verify that the instruction was conducted in English.
  2. 09/16/2013 Correction on p. 131. Core courses of Graduate Certificate of Education Courses.
    The EDUC 600 course is 6 credit course and not 3 credits course. Also the GC in Education is a 30 credit hours program and not 27 credit hours. These have been corrected as following on page 131.

    The Graduate Certificate of Education consists of nine courses (30 credit hours) in the core program.

    Code Course Title Credits
    EDUC 600 Education Capstone Experience 6

  3. 09/16/2013 Course prerequisites revision of four graduate computing courses.

    Page # Course name New Prerequisite(s)
    p. 169 CMP 573 Compiler Construction CMP 561 Algorithm Analysis
    CMP 571 Automata and Formal languages
    p. 171 CMP 620 IT Governance None
    p. 172 CMP 630 Information Technology Audit and Forensics CMP 558 Information Systems Security
    CMP 559 Information Assurance
    p. 174

    CMP 669 Software Engineering Project CMP 560 Software Engineering,
    CMP 610 Managing Information Systems Development, and
    CMP 650 Software Architectures
  4. 11/12/2013 Addition on p. 7. Institutional Learning Objectives.
  5. Institutional Learning Objectives
    Upon graduation from Virginia International University, students will be able to:

          1. Think critically and creatively
          2. Communicate effectively in speech and writing
          3. Demonstrate expertise in a scholarly discipline and understand that discipline in relation to the larger world.
          4. Work productively as individuals and in groups
          5. Use their knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to society
          6. Use reason to make decisions based on an understanding of ethics, a respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues related to sustainability
          7. Engage in lifelong learning
          8. Exhibit professional integrity, leadership, and effective collaboration skills.

  6. 11/12/2013 Addition on p. 74. Americans with Disability Act Policy
  7. American’s With Disabilities (ADA) Policy
    In accordance with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 506, Virginia International University is committed to ensuring that all of its facilities and programs are accessible to all persons. If you believe you may qualify for course adaptations or accommodations in accordance with ADA, Section 506, it is your responsibility to contact VIU’s Office of Human Resources for an accommodation approval letter.

    Documentation about your particular diagnosis must be provided by a qualified health professional (such as a physician, surgeon, psychiatrist, licensed clinical or educational psychologist, or certified learning disability specialist), and must be currently relevant (less than 3 years old).  The assessment of reasonable accommodation is the decision of the university and will be provided to you in a letter of accommodation for your instructors no later than the second class session.
    VIU’s Office of Human Resources contact information:
    Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone:           703-591-7042 Ext 338 or 339
    Location:       Waples Mill Building (11200 Waples Mill Road, Suite # 360, Fairfax, VA 22030)

    Office of Human Resources is open from Monday to Friday, during regular hours of operation.

  8. 11/15/2013 Correction on p. 144. Distance Education Graduate Program List
  9. Following two programs that were missing from the list is added.

    • Master of Science in Software Engineering
    • Master of Science in Information Technology

  10. 11/15/2013 Revision on p. 109. M.Ed. Program Concentration Title Revision
  11. English as a Second Language Concentration should read “ESOL Education Concentration”

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