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Communications Division

Communications courses are at the core of preparing VIU students to become successful communicators in all areas of their lives academically, professionally, and personally.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Express oneself clearly both orally and in writing in a respectful and academic manner.
  2. Develop critical and reflective reading and inquiry skills to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate.
  3. Conduct research and organize material effectively.
Distribution of Courses (3 Courses/9 Credit Hours):
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
COMM 110

Prerequisite: None

This course provides the skills needed to prepare and deliver informative and persuasive speeches. Students will focus on adapting communication styles and content to diverse speakers and audiences. This course emphasizes how to compose meaningful and coherent messages; conduct research; and develop effective presentation skills. Students will be required to deliver several oral presentations in front of the class during the semester.

ENGL 113

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed expose students to the conventions of academic writing and critical thinking so that they may successfully produce prose that is clear and direct with appropriate structure and support. Students are introduced to the basic rhetorical modes of narration, classification, exposition, argumentation, description, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, definition, and process in the context of English rhetorical structure. This course provides students with the opportunity to experience writing as a process that requires refinement and experience. Students will learn to write for specific audiences and to understand how to approach writing for different disciplines.

ENGL 120

Prerequisite: None

Academic Writing focuses on reviewing the fundamentals of standard written English for academic purposes. Students will practice writing common forms of academic documents and demonstrate the ability to successfully use APA formatting. This interactive class provides students with an opportunity to improve their academic writing skills necessary for success in college and beyond.