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Virginia International University (VIU) is committed to setting a new standard in higher education. Through our student-centered approach, we endeavor to provide the most positive environment for learning available anywhere.

VIU provides a wonderful academic experience, with more than 20 academic programs and certificates available in the most in-demand fields, both online and at our Virginia campus. Our admission processes vary by program, so we invite you to further explore our programs and admission requirements below:

Undergraduate Admissions

We offer undergraduate programs in both business and computer science. Undergraduate studies at VIU are for first-time students and seasoned professionals alike. If you are a first-time undergraduate student, you will benefit from the practical knowledge and internship experiences that come with a bachelor's degree. Earning a degree can help you break into your desired career field and make you more sought after by potential employers.

Graduate Admissions

We offer graduate programs in business, information systems, computer science, public affairs, international relations, education, and TESOL. Earning a graduate-level degree is a great way to further your own career, foster personal growth, and gain credibility. Our programs provide knowledge in the core areas of your chosen field.

Non Degree Admissions

  • ESL Programs
  • Test Preparation Programs
  • Continuing Education Programs
    • Online Programs

      Virginia International University is pleased to offer many of its cutting edge programs in a flexible online format. VIU’s online programs follow the standards and the curricula of our on-ground programs. As an online VIU student, you can be sure that you are receiving the same high-quality education as the students studying with us on campus.

      International Students

      With students hailing from over 100 countries, VIU offers a truly diverse and international experience. Studying at VIU is a time of self-discovery and broadening of cultural and educational knowledge. VIU students often feel at home while surrounded by our diverse faculty and staff.