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Faculty Profile: Jon Zampedro

I earned an MBA in Management from the Florida Institute of Technology in December of 1988.  That same year, I began teaching Mathematics part-time at the Brevard Community College in Melbourne, Florida.  Since that first teaching assignment, I have taught mathematics, statistics, and business courses for seven other universities/colleges around the world.  In 2009, I was an adjunct faculty member of the Math department and a supporting faculty member of the Statistics department at George Mason University when I was given the opportunity to teach at VIU.

My philosophy in teaching is that I will work hard and always be prepared as an instructor to make my class not only a learning experience, but an enjoyable experience.  And I expect the students to work hard and be prepared also.

I love teaching at VIU.  The smaller class sizes afford the students and me the ability to study the material more in depth than at a more typical university.  The students at VIU are very serious about their studies and they continually ask tough, probing questions about the material.

I think that one of the strong points of VIU, and what sets it apart from other universities, is the diversity of its students.  Bringing people together from different backgrounds and different life experiences can only be good for the students, faculty, staff, and university.  I have grown more as a person at this school than at any other university at which I have taught.

I enjoy watching the school expands in enrollment. However, I have mixed feelings about that growth.  I feel that the small class size is a huge asset to VIU.  I would hope that along with enrollment, VIU keeps recruiting the outstanding instructors that we have so that we can keep the class sizes small to provide that intimate, high-quality instruction that sets us apart from other institutions of higher learning.

I am a people person.  My fondest memories of VIU are getting to know the students very well and asking questions about their countries, cultures, and backgrounds.  I will always remember how friendly and hard-working the students are.

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