Stefan Vasilevski

I heard about VIU from my sister; she came to America and started studying here before me. I wanted a new challenge and a new set of goals to achieve and to experience a new environment. VIU provided me with all of that. The diversity of the student body from across the world truly fascinated me and allowed me to make friends from across the globe opening insurmountable possibilities. Not only was I able to build a professional network across continents, but I was able to learn about so many other cultures and traditions which only broadened my perspective toward the world in which we live.

Volunteering is something I’ve grown passionate about. I think there are many ways that students can get involved serving in their local community and abroad. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to help victims from the tsunami in Japan that occurred in the Tohoku region. I went there twice during the time I spent living in Japan. Many people’s homes and towns were destroyed due to the tsunami, and lots of lives were lost. I took part in a volunteering program to clear ruble from a local park so that the children could play there again and give the people back their sense of normal life. We had sessions with victim’s family members hearing their stories of loss and pain; nothing could remedy their sorrow. A group of people like me came forward and together we organized concerts to help them raise funds to rebuild while also attempting to ease their hurting with some enjoyment.

To all those students back in my country and across the world, I would like to say that just go out of your comfort zone, experience life like you never did before. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community in which you live.

Arpan Shrestha
Bachelor of Computer Science

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