STUDENT PROFILE: Sevara Nurboeva

Sevara Nurboeva

I got my Master`s in Chinese Linguistic from a university in my homeland, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

I have 10 years of experience working in multinational organizations, such as Huawei, ZTE, and Pepsi in Uzbekistan. However, I felt that I needed to get a degree in a fast paced country such as the United States. I was referred to VIU by my friend who had already studied here. I chose VIU because of its affordability and program uniqueness, in that it offered an MBA in Human Resource Management. When I took a closer look at the syllabus of the courses it was exactly what I was looking for! This program covers topics that I am eager to learn: labor relationship, HR international standards, and compensation & benefits.

It is my first-semester at VIU but I am in love with this school. Everyone, including staff and students, are open-minded and ready to help each other with advice. Being an international student who just came to the US, I am a little shy; this diverse and “help-to-help” atmosphere at VIU helps me overcome my shyness and culture shock. I also love the location of VIU in northern Virginia. It is not too hot; not too cold, although more humid than I am used to! The area is so green and is surrounded by many parks and gardens, which is wonderful.

After my graduation, I want to get experience by working in large corporations, such as LinkedIn or Facebook in the US. If not, I am planning to go back to Uzbekistan to open my own business with a focus in HR training services.

Sevara Nurboeva
MBA in Human Resource Management

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