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Bringing together academics, executives, students, alumni and leaders in the field of higher education, business, IT, and international affairs, University Magazine provides a variety of perspectives on cutting-edge topics since 2013.


Issue 4: Why I Love Teaching at VIU?

When people ask me why I teach at VIU, which is far away from my home, instead of teaching at nearby universities in Maryland, I have one answer: I love my students at VIU and I feel that they love me too. But there are many reasons why I love teaching at VIU.By Dereje B. Tessema, PhD, PMP, CEAIt ha…

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Issue 4: Don’t Call VIU’s “Adventure Guy” Disabled

Xabier Mendes, a graduate student at VIU, enthusiastically agreed when we asked to feature him on the cover of this issue of University Magazine. Through the process of photographing and interviewing him, we were constantly reminded of his positive attitude, infectious spirit, and kindness to others…

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Overcoming Obstacles: Manar Alhazmi

We recently sat down with one of our students, Manar Alhazmi, who is currently completing the elementary level of VIU’s ESL program. Her talent, determination, and personal story have made her family, teachers, and peers admire her, and I was eager to meet her myself. As a genuinely open person, M…

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