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5 Reasons to Reach for the CPA!

Dr. Terry Camden

I am a huge proponent of attaining the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. Below are a few reasons for why I think that is an important goal.

1.       Illustrates a level of excellence in and commitment to the accounting profession. This is a very difficult exam with @ 50% pass rates on the first try and so a substantial commitment to passing all the parts is necessary. Once attained, continuing education requirements ensure CPA’s stay current.

2.       Highly recognized by businesses as requirement for senior level positions. Take a few minutes in reviewing mid and senior level positions and note how many either require or make preferable a CPA designation.

3.       Valuable as a tool in increasing career opportunities either with the accounting profession or within finance or closely related fields.  

4.        Offers an excellent alternative to networking which is increasingly important in our mobile society.

5.       Engage in a profession that offers challenge, growth, opportunity, and reward at all points in a professional’s career.