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Building Success in Accounting

Dr. Terry Camden
Success Tips from Dr. Terry Camden

Like many professions, complexity and change characterize the accounting discipline driven by factors including globalization, technology, data availability, competition, and stakeholder expectations. These factors are not uncommon in driving change in our personal lives as well. And so as aspiring professionals, how do we translate this into actions for success as we move forward in our careers?

1.       Embrace technology and consider how you can master these tools to exceed client expectations.

2.       Recognize that best practice is to incorporate value-added activities in our business models and eliminate efforts where the value proposition is not met.

3.       Develop and cultivate professional and leadership habits that illustrate the importance of diversity and the strengths that it brings to an organization.    

4.    Strive for continual learning and development within the profession. Lifelong learning positions us to stay ahead of the knowledge curve and ensures we continue to add value to our clients.