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Success Tips for Avoiding Legal Issues

Dr. Ashley Newell
Dr. Newell shares her thoughts on why law and ethics are important for any career in business and what can be done to avoid legal issues throughout a career.  

Critical thinking and creative problem solving are a few key skills law school graduates bring to the table that can easily segue into any career field.  However, a general understanding of the law is extremely useful for everyone in society.  Since laws are a system of rules that members of countries, states, and localities follow to maintain peace and order, both individuals and businesses must abide by them in an effort to keep society safe and organized. Similarly, businesses must also have working knowledge of applicable laws to maintain effective and efficient operations.

Legal issues in the business world are common, but avoidable. Training raises managerial awareness not only about issues but relevant laws that apply to the daily operations of the job. Furthermore, it is important for managers to understand ethics in the workplace and apply an ethical framework to business decisions.