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Dr. Chala's AEEA Conference Presentation

Dr. Chala presented on The Paradox of Ethiopian Economic Growth, Famine, and Youth Migration at the annual meeting for the Agricultural & Applied Economic Association. His presentation reviewed Ethiopia’s remarkable and rapid economic growth achievements. However, the United Nation and USAID are reporting that 5-10 Million people are in chronic food shortage for the last decade and currently 15 -20 Million people are exposed to emergency famine situation. Moreover, youth unemployment rate is estimated to reach to 25-30% and hence every year tens of thousands of urban and rural youths are venturing a dangerous journey for illegal immigration to the Middle Eastern, South Africa and Europe countries.
The purpose of his presentation was to explore the economic paradox. It addresses why there is starvation while food production is tripled; why there are limited opportunities to youths while the country is achieving the highest and stable level of economic growth. It also pinpoints any possible domestic and international push-pull factors for such riddle and suggests policy recommendations.
Congratulations Dr. Chala!