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Graduate Degree Programs

VIU’s School of Business provides a high level of professional education to graduate students seeking exciting and fulfilling careers in the field. The School of Business boasts expert faculty with valuable experiences which inform their lessons in the classroom.

The following graduate degrees are offered by the School of Business:

  • Master of Science in Accounting

    The Master of Science in Accounting (MAC) degree program provides students with the technical and operational skills necessary for careers in Accounting. New financial regulations, the globalization of businesses, and pressure for organizations to be more fiscally responsible and transparent drive the need for more skilled accountants and auditors. Various agencies and organizations in the US and internationally are in constant need of professional accountants to successfully maintain their business operations. Governmental agencies, private enterprises, multinational corporations, international organizations, non-profits, and start-ups are all looking for employees with professional skills in financial and managerial accountancy, especially those with an understanding of ethical and legal issues in the global financial environment.

  • Master of Business Administration

    VIU's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program enables students to gain knowledge in the core Business areas of Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, and decision-making. The program provides students with high quality, professional education in Business Administration, thereby, qualifying students for more diverse career opportunities.

  • Master of Science in Project Management

    Project management skills are applicable to a growing range of industries, including consulting management, construction and housing industries, government, information systems and management, healthcare and financial industries, commercial organizations, public relations, and many more. The Master of Science in Project Management (MPM) degree program provides students with the technical and operational skills necessary to excel in leadership positions as project managers. Graduates will be well-versed in decision making processes, ethics, communication, globalization, and analytical frameworks.

* The School of Business at Virginia International University is an Educational Member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education.