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Undergraduate Diploma Programs

Virginia International University School of Business offers a variety of undergraduate diploma programs designed to provide you with relevant knowledge and up-to-date skills. Taught by industry experts, you will gain a competitive advantage to enhance your career and professional credentials. Our world-class instructors share their practical business experience with you to prepare you for the workplace. Undergraduate diploma programs at VIU can be completed in one academic year (two semesters). Our programs are affordable and effective, providing you with hands-on experience, cutting-edge information and best practices to help you succeed.

We offer the following undergraduate diploma programs:

  • International Business

    The Diploma in International Business program is designed to provide information about international business relevant to professionals and administrative staff. You will acquire best practices for respecting cultural, religious, and language differences when doing business with international companies. Our expert instructors provide you with cutting-edge information and practical hands-on experience in international marketing, finance economics and communication to help you succeed.

  • Small Business Management

    The Diploma in Small Business Management program is designed to acquaint small business owners and employees with business fundamentals essential to starting a small business. A combination of classes taught by world-class instructors and hands-on practical experience show you how to avoid common pitfalls that cause small businesses to fail. Whether you already own a small business or just thinking about opening one, you will learn vital skills and proven management techniques used by currently successful entrepreneurs.

* The School of Business at Virginia International University is an Educational Member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education.