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Shuttle Services

VIU runs a free shuttle service that allows easy commuting between the Village Drive campus and convenient destinations like Vienna Metro Station, Fair Oaks Mall, Circle Towers, Oakton Park apartments, and the Giant at Jermantown Road. VIU also provides shuttle service upon request to events organized outside VIU and to academic events outside VIU.

VIU Shuttle Rules & Regulations

It is the policy of Virginia International University to exercise prudence and wisdom in the use of vehicular equipment in order to provide safe transportation for university faculty, staff, and students. The shuttle service is intended for use by the campus community to support the daily routine of an educational institution. VIU reserves the right to refuse services to an individual or to a location which may jeopardize the safety of other faculty, staff, students, or university equipment.

To ride the shuttle, students must present a valid VIU student ID card. Faculty, staff, and visitors to the university must present a valid ID, such as a staff ID or driver's license, to board the shuttle.

The receptionist will provide temporary shuttle boarding passes to guests and new students who need to board the shuttle. Temporary boarding passes will be provided to new students only during the registration period of each semester.

Shuttle Stops

The VIU shuttle stops at the Village Drive campus, Vienna Metro Station, Circle Towers, Oakton Park, Fair Oaks Mall, and the Giant at Jermantown Road. The shuttle will only pick up and drop off riders at these authorized locations. Please do not attempt to stop the bus, board at an unauthorized location, or ask the driver to stop at an unauthorized location.

The VIU shuttle is in operation Monday through Saturday according to the hours set forth in the current VIU shuttle schedule.

The VIU shuttle does not operate over university-wide breaks or when the university is closed for a holiday or inclement weather. The university will notify students through the website and text message if shuttle service is suspended due to inclement weather.

Lost and Found Items

Please check for all personal possessions before disembarking the bus. VIU is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All items found on the bus will be taken to the receptionist at the Village Drive campus.

Behavior Guide

The following behavior is not permitted when using VIU’s shuttle services:

  • Physically aggressive behavior toward passengers or drivers, including pushing or forcing one’s way onto the shuttle, arguing over seats, etc.
  • Blocking, leaning on, holding open, or attempting to open doors during shuttle operation
  • Any form of physical contact with a shuttle driver
  • Any form of inflammatory, disrespectful, or otherwise distracting speech directed toward a driver or fellow passengers
  • Alcoholic beverages, smoking, open food and/or beverage containers, bicycles, furniture, and pets are not permitted on the shuttle
  • Banging on or attempting to board a moving shuttle
  • Damaging, defacing, or in any way marring the interior or exterior of a shuttle

Any costs associated with repairs or cleaning incurred as a result of passenger misconduct will be charged to the responsible passenger(s). Failure to adhere to the standards listed above may result in one or more of the following:

  • Removal from the shuttle
  • Referral to the VIU Student Conduct system for administrative or disciplinary action
  • Prohibition from further use of the shuttle