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Portfolio Requirements

You are working toward an important milestone in your career as a professional.  The completion of your degree requires the submission of a professional portfolio.  The portfolio includes many elements related to your current or future job search and also represents some of your important accomplishments throughout your program.
Every program’s portfolio consists of the following elements:

  • Part A: Career Preparation Documents
  • Part B: Two Writing Samples
  • Part C: Concentration Application
  • Part D: The Practicum Experience

Please note that portfolio elements do differ based upon the program and concentration; therefore, be sure to follow your program’s specific requirements.

Portfolios are prepared in your Practicum or Internship experience course.  Consult your specific program/concentration for the course.

TESOL Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Description
Each student is required to provide a Summative Concentration Portfolio. The elements of the portfolio for this practicum course include the following key elements:

  • Part A: Career Preparation Documents
    • CV/Resume—A Curriculum Vitae including relevant teaching experiences and coursework
    • Professional Reference List—This should include the names, professional titles, mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses for at least 5 professional references (you may not include family members)
    • Statement of (Teaching or Administrative) Philosophy—This should include reference to theory, practice, and plans for future professional development (no more than 1,000 words)
    • Final Professional Development Plan –This is a document that includes information on your current and future plans as a professional and focuses on areas for growth over your program and beyond.
  • Part B: Two Writing Samples
    • Review of Published Materials - A review of second or foreign language teaching/learning materials (for example, book, video-tape, software, web-based materials, task-based materials and so on). This should include a brief outline of the material and an evaluative component which refers to both theory and practice (no more than 1,250 words)
    • One sample manuscripts that provides a research synthesis (such as a Literature Review and an Action Research report) of at least 5 pages in length
  • Part C: Concentration Application:
    • Lesson Plans­—This should include a series of lesson plans for (at least) 300 minutes of instruction.  The population for whom the plan is intended should be described and all materials should be attached.  (The population description and the plan should not exceed 2,500 words.)
    • Assessment Instrument—This should include at least one example of a formative assessment that you have created and could implement in your specific content area and at least one example of a summative assessment that you have created and could implement in your specific content area. 
  • Part D: The Practicum Experience
    • Practicum Reflective Logs
    • Materials and pedagogical rationales
    • Teaching demonstration materials (lesson plan[s], videos, materials, etc.
    • Time logs (include all practicum/internship hours)
    • Practicum Learning Agreement
    • One 5-10 page manuscript that provides a summary of the Internship experience, including your lesson plans, explaining design choices, and evaluation of the plans’ implementation and any proposed modifications to the plans.  Think about what went well, what did not go as planned, how you might do things differently if you have a chance to teach the same activity again, and what have you learned overall from this experience.