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Claire Gimble
– Full-Time ESL Instructor and Non-Intensive Program Coordinator

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Gimble contributes to curriculum development and revision. She also is responsible for the management of the Saturday Au Pair Museum Program and the non-intensive ESL program.

Patrick Moss
– Full-Time ESL Instructor and Associate Director

In addition to teaching, Mr. Moss is Associate Director of the School of Language Studies where he oversees the scheduling of classes, the strategic planning for the future and the advising of students. Mr. Moss also manages, develops and ensures the quality of the curriculum of our language programs, both on-ground and online. Mr. Moss also monitors and manages the departmental budget as well as the inventory of supplies, textbooks and classroom materials and resources.

Glen Habbershaw
– Full-time instructor

As well as instructional duties, Mr. Habbershaw serves as the administrator for the Tutoring Center.  Additionally, he is a member of the School of Language Studies’ social media team.