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VIU’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is an intensive six-level American language program that focuses on language skills and college preparation. We are offering:

  •  A great team of teachers
  •  A wide selection of courses
  •  Classes starting every 7 weeks
  •  Classmates from over 60 different countries
  •  Field trips, parties, seminars, and other events
  •  Seven levels (from beginner level and continues through the advanced level)
  •  Very affordable tuition rates

The ESL program is designed to prepare students for academic success, how to become confident writers, fluent speakers, effective listeners, strong readers, and savvy TOEFL takers. In addition to the traditional language classes and TOEFL preparation, we offer courses in business English, academic vocabulary, and various aspects of American culture.

Our students have an opportunity to make lifelong friends with people from all over the world while attending classes, going on field trips, and having fun at our parties, contests, and other social events. Graduation from the program qualifies students for admission to our academic programs without a TOEFL score.