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Student Testimonials

“This is my first academic experience in USA and very glad that I chose VIU. I think that the TOEFL program at VIU is the best because of the teachers and their strategies. They are teaching us the real test and it helped us.”
Fatimazohra Slim

“I studied at different countries, studied in South Africa, England, and Washington DC but never taken any course that helped me to pass through the difficulties that are faced in English language as the course I took at VIU.”                                                                                       
Mustafa Habib

“In this program, teachers always help you on how can you manage time, how can you write, how can you understand easily. These little things are important. This program teaches you these things which are very important for TOEFL that is about strategy.”                                                                                       
Sumeyye Gunbayli

“VIU has great teachers, teachers that do not let the student finish their class until they understand everything. I highly recommend the program for all students who wants to have a high score in the exam and for the students who look forward to improve their English skills.”                                                                                       
Ahmed Almalki