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Virginia International University (VIU) offers a unique opportunity to acquire an excellent, multi-disciplinary education at an affordable cost by offering  students access to scholarships. VIU has been attracting individuals who take their VIU experiences into their own cultures, share their knowledge with future generations, and launch successful careers. Thus, there are several different types of scholarships available based on exemplary personal skills, academic achievement, extracurricular participation, on-campus work, and residency.

Who is eligible?
Current and prospective students. Students who are enrolled in any of VIU’s undergraduate, graduate, and language studies programs as full-time students are eligible to apply for a scholarship if requirements are met. Students enrolled in the language studies program (ex. ESL program) as part-time students are also eligible to apply.
Prospective students have the chance to apply for scholarships during their application process for admission to VIU.

Types of Scholarship
VIU currently offers several types of scholarships to assist prospective and current students wherever they are.

Current Students Prospective Students


Scholarship application deadlines are listed below. Returning students are eligible to apply for a scholarship prior to any semester. All applications and supporting documentation must be received by 11:30 PM EST on the day of the application deadline. Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered.

Summer 2017 Fall 2017
Types of Scholarship available New Horizon Presidential (returning students) All types of scholarships
Who can apply? Local & International students Local & International students
Programs Graduate, undergraduate and ESL programs Graduate, undergraduate and ESL programs
Application opens January 10 April 7
Application deadline January 31 May 12
Results February 20 June 12
Classes Start May 4 TBD

How to Apply

Students must apply for admission to Virginia International University before they can be eligible for any scholarship. First semester undergraduate and graduate students, as well as currently enrolled VIU students, are welcome to apply for a scholarship.

Application steps
To apply for a scholarship, students must follow these steps:

  1. New students: Apply for admissions at VIU
  2. Browse the scholarship opportunities
  3. Choose up to two types of scholarship
  4. Review the requirements for the scholarship application
  5. Apply online (applicant portal or student portal)
  6. Upload your documents via applicant portal or student portal.

Once the application form and all the supporting documents are received, students will receive a confirmation email.

Document Submission:
All submissions must be scanned, color copies of the original document. Samples of these documents may include transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and test scores. Photocopies are NOT considered acceptable documentation. If any document is issued in the applicants’ native language, they must provide both the original document and a translation of the document in English. Translated documents must be notarized. VIU has the right to request original documentation. Submission of fabricated or false documents will result in disqualification from future scholarship application.


  1. Application
      1.1 Students who are awarded a scholarship must reapply each year if they want to be considered for the scholarship for the next academic year. There is no guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded for the following year.
      1.2 Students are eligible to apply for up to two scholarship types, but they will be eligible to receive only one scholarship per academic year.
      1.3 Scholarship application period opens twice a year (Spring I and Fall I).
        1.3.1 Returning students are eligible to apply for scholarships prior to the start of any semester (Spring, Summer I, Summer II, or Fall)
        1.3.2 The New Horizon scholarship accepts application prior to the start of any semester (Spring, Summer I, Summer II, or Fall)
      1.4 All documents must be received by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will automatically be denied.
      1.5 Academic merit holds the highest weight in the review of most scholarship applications. In the case of a tie, the committee will rely on this hierarchy to make their award decision.
  2. Cumulative GPA can be rounded one decimal place for eligibility requirements.
  3. VIU has the right to request original documentation. Submission of fabricated or false documents will result in immediate dismissal of the application and will disqualify the individual from applying to the scholarship program in the future. Documents submitted for application purposes will not be returned to the applicant.

           3.1 Applicants should submit scanned copies of originals.

  4. Applicants who have not yet been accepted to the university may also apply to the scholarship program. However, scholarship award will be applied upon enrolment.
  5. Scholarships are awarded as credit toward tuition only. The awarded amount will be divided into instalments; the credit will be deducted from the total tuition charged for each semester.
  6. Students who are awarded with a scholarship during their last semester cannot apply the full awarded amount to one semester; only half of the scholarship amount will be applied to their last semester of studies.
  7. Scholarships cannot be awarded to applicants who receive other types of scholarship funding from academic collaborations, institutions, or government.
  8. If a student is awarded a VIU scholarship, he or she is still eligible to receive financial aid.
  9. There is no guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded solely because the applicant meets the requirements, eligibility, and/or fulfilment of the scholarship criteria. All applicants should submit their application and follow proper procedures.
  10. Students must be enrolled full time in one of VIU’s on-ground degree or language programs.
  11. In order to be awarded a scholarship, students must agree to authorize VIU to use their picture, video, and/or testimonial about the scholarship award and their experience at VIU.
  12. Student must keep the requirements for the scholarship which they applied for in order to receive the scholarship for the subsequent semester.
  13. Students must be in good standing with the accounting office in order to receive any scholarship award.
  14. Students who apply for Work on Campus scholarship will be automatically granted the award if eligibility requirements are met.
  15. VIU has the right to retrieve the amount awarded for the Work on Campus scholarship within 30 consecutive days if a student resigns or is let go from the position.

Selection & Announcement

The scholarship selection process begins immediately after the application period ends.

All applications are initially screened by the Scholarship Coordinator for completion and criteria assessment.

Scholarship Committee Review
Once the application screening is deemed complete, all related materials will be available for the Scholarship Committee’s review. Members of the committee will be provided with the rubrics for their reviewing process, and they will be required to complete the online evaluation form. All applications are evaluated on an individual basis. The Scholarship Coordinator will collect the results from the evaluation forms and check the average score for each applicant. Based on the applicant’s scores, the interview will be schedule with at least two members of the committee.

Applicants who meet the requirements for the scholarship to which they applied will be invited for an interview with members of the Scholarship Committee as part of the selection process. The interview can be held at the VIU campus, or conducted via Skype or phone. Applicants may bring additional supporting materials to the interview if they wish.

Scholarship awards and denials will be determined by the Scholarship Committee prior to the first day of classes for the semester to which the student applied. Awards and denials will be notified by email. Awardees will receive a certificate in the beginning of the semester.


Below are some of the questions we receive most frequently regarding scholarships. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to email your specific question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To qualify to apply for a scholarship, applicants must be enrolled full-time in any undergraduate, graduate, or language program at VIU. Applicants must also meet all required criteria for the specific scholarship that they are applying for. As long as an applicant meets these qualifications, they are welcome to apply for the scholarship.

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship are required to submit an online scholarship application form. You will find the application form in the student portal or application portal.

No. Applicants who have not yet been accepted to the university may also apply to the scholarship program. However, scholarship award will be applied upon enrolment.

The scholarship application deadlines are posted on the scholarship website. Applicants are urged to check this page for the specific deadlines in the semester they plan to apply.

Yes. Students are welcome to apply for up to two scholarships per semester although students are only eligible to receive one scholarship per semester.

No. Scholarship selection is made based on a variety of factors. An objective analysis of all aspects of the application will be made when making award decisions. Just because an applicant is qualified for the scholarship to which they applied, there is no guarantee that they will be awarded the scholarship.

All supporting documents must be scanned and uploaded to the applicant or student portal.

Yes. The VIU Scholarship Program is an annual tuition scholarship, and the award will expire on its anniversary. Students must reapply for the scholarship if they wish to be considered to receive the scholarship again.

The application process to reapply for a scholarship is exactly the same as the process you completed the first time you applied. Submit a completed application form along with the supporting documentation prior to the application deadline.

The minimum cumulative GPA to be considered for a scholarship at VIU is 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. Please note that each scholarship has its own specific required GPA requirement so applicants are encouraged to verify the requirement prior to applying.

TOEFL and IELTS scores expire 2 years after the test date. However, we are able to consider the test scores for a period of two years after their expiration date.

No. Scholarship awards are given as a credit towards your semester tuition.

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