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The Career Center offers a number of job search tools to help you find the opportunity that is right for you. Use these resources to find volunteer, internship, or employment experiences.

If you are an international student on an F-1 visa, please also read more about CPT and OPT at the links below:

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Job Search Tools

Career Services Management (CSM) Job Search Tool
The CSM database allows you to search and apply for on- and off-campus jobs and internships. Students must complete a profile, upload a résumé and cover letter, and wait for staff to approve these documents before they can search for openings. Be sure to fill in all your profile details so employers can view your credentials!

VIU Careers on Facebook
When we receive job notifications from faculty, employers, or recruiters we will post them on Facebook. Make sure to friend us!

Weekly Career Center Emails
Every Friday, the Career Center sends out a new email to your campus email account. This email contains job postings, events, networking opportunities, and reminders. If you are not receiving this email check your spam folder.

Job & Internship Board
On the notice board in the Career Center, we post both paid and unpaid job and internship opportunities in business, IT, and education.

Job & Internship Binders
In the Career Center, there are binders which contain internship and employment information. Resources come from employers who are currently interested in hiring students, including CPT and OPT students.

Job Search Web-Boards & Portals Handout
There are also lists of volunteer, internship, and job search web portals on the handout table in the Career Center. Portals are divided by field.

Other Helpful Resources

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Job Search Tips
LinkedIn Resources
Professional Resources
International Organizations
Insight to studying abroad

Job & Internship Guide

On-Campus Employment

Students will receive notices for on campus positions through their campus emails, on the Career Center Facebook, and in weekly Career Center emails. Please note that there are relatively few on campus jobs posted each semester.

Academic Internships

Students may accept paid or unpaid internships (1 or 3 credits) as part of an academic course taken during their degree program.  For 1 credit internships, students complete 45 internship hours while also attending class and submitting regular assignments. For 3 credit internships, students complete 135 internship hours but do not have to attend class. Citizens and permanent residents may enroll in academic internships after completing internship course prerequisites. Students on an F-1 visa are eligible after two full time semesters enrolled in a degree program (not including summer semesters) and after they have completed course prerequisites.

To obtain employment, students should begin preparing as soon as possible. All students will need to create a résumé and cover letter and network to make contacts and prepare for interviews. 

Pre-Employment Checklist

  1. Learn to use the CSM online job search tool. On- and off-campus jobs and internships are posted on the CSM job board. Go to the Career Center home page, log in under “Student and Alumni Login,” make a profile, upload your résumé, wait for approval, and then begin to search and apply for jobs.
  2. Write a résumé and cover letter. To apply for jobs, students should use a North American-style résumé and cover letter. Start formulating these documents as soon as possible! Get your résumé reviewed in the Career Center and be sure to attend a résumé writing workshop.
  3. Network. Meet people in your field and learn about volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities. Students can network by joining national or international professional associations, the VIU Alumni LinkedIn community, or other LinkedIn communities. Attending professional development opportunities is another great way to network.
  4. Practice interviewing. Learn to use the Interview Stream software to practice interviewing. The software will give you typical questions specific to your major and let you record and share the interview for feedback.
  5. Attend professional development workshops. The Career Center offers a number of professional development workshops which teach students about job search skills. To learn about upcoming workshops, read your weekly Career Center emails and check for notices on the campus calendar and on Facebook.
  6. Search for a volunteer, internship, or employment opportunity. Use the CSM and other Career Center search tools to find a paid or unpaid opportunity. Students completing an academic internship may accept paid or unpaid positions.
  7. Learn about academic internships. In your first semester, visit the Career Center to learn about academic internships.
    1. Learn about CPT- and internship-eligible courses. Ask your academic advisor which classes offer internship credits and learn what prerequisites you need to take these classes.
    2. Find an internship. One or two semesters before you’d like to complete an internship, visit the Career Center and obtain internship search resources. You will need to find an internship which allows you to complete course requirements. This may be paid or unpaid. If you are an F-1 visa holder, obtain a list of past CPT employers from the Career Center.
    3. Obtain an internship application. If you are an F-1 visa holder, obtain a CPT application packet from the DSO or Career Center one semester before you want to take a CPT course. Obtain information and signatures from your employer, academic department, the Career Center, and the DSO.
    4. Sign up for an internship course. The semester in which you’d like to complete your internship, sign up for the appropriate course during the regular registration period.
    5. Turn in post-internship documents. Give your internship evaluation to the Career Center after you have completed the program.
  8. Find opportunities a year before graduating. If you are an F-1 student, you should apply for OPT in your final semester of study. (Obtain a list of past OPT employers form the Career Center.) After graduating, all students should submit an Employment Notification Form to the Career Center within three months of obtaining employment.


Volunteering is a great way to get to know how a business operates and to learn about available positions and how you can fit in. This gives you an opportunity to gain exposure and shows that you have both focus and passion for your career. Remember, these opportunities do not provide you with a paycheck, but the experience you gain can be invaluable.

F-1 students who are not yet eligible to start an academic internship may want to consider volunteering until they are eligible. Generally, students must first complete two full semesters (not including summer semesters) in a full-time degree program before they can complete an academic internship (CPT). F-1 students who wish to volunteer should first check with the DSO.

   Volunteering Web-Boards & Portals


Students may choose to complete academic internships so that they may learn in the workplace as part of a for-credit course. This is an opportunity to experience work in the student’s field of study or determine if they are interested in working for a particular company full-time in the future. Please note that, although uncommon, some internships may require application fees.

Students may take 1- or 3-credit internships. For 1-credit internships, students complete 45 internship hours while also attending class and submitting regular assignments. For 3-credit internships, students complete 135 internship hours and do not have to attend class but are required to turn in a major project. Citizens and permanent residents may enroll in academic internships after completing internship course prerequisites. F-1 visa students are eligible after two full time semesters enrolled in a degree program (not including summer) and after completing course prerequisites.

   Internship Websites

On-Going Opportunities

Organization Location Details
Casa de Maryland Maryland Click here
Chemonics International (several positions) Various Click here
Council on Foreign Relations (internships) Washington, DC/New York Click here
Crestline Hotels & Resorts (internships) Various Click here
Edelman (internship/training) Various Click here
Greater DC Cares (volunteering) Washington, DC Click here
Hilton Worldwide (several positions) Various Click here
Host Hotels & Resorts Various Click here
Hughes Various Click here
IBM (jobs/internships) Various Click here
IBM International Various Click here
Marriott International Various Click here
Mars (several positions) Various Click here
MIDEGO’s Global Health Care (internship/volunteering) Fairfax, Virginia Click here
Omega World Travel Various Click here
OTO Development/New Spring Hill Suites (internship) Fairfax, Virginia Click here
Pentair Various Click here
Sewall-Belmont House & Museum (internship) Washington, DC Click here
Strathmore (volunteering) Maryland Click here
United Nations Online (volunteering) Various Click here
United Nations (volunteering) Various Click here
US Department of Education (internships) Washington, DC Click here