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Bringing a Family Member with you to the United States

Some VIU students would like to bring their spouses and/or children to the United States while they complete their studies at the university. To request an I-20 for a spouse and/or a child, the applicant must submit the following during the admission process:


  • Certified and translated marriage certificate
  • Copy of the spouse’s passport
  • Original bank statement


  • Certified and translated birth certificate
  • Copy of the child’s passport
  • Original bank statement

The bank statements must cover one year of the F1’s yearly expenses plus the dependent’s expenses. The expenses are as follows:

  • 1st Dependent = $3,000
  • Each additional dependent = $1,500

Please remember that there is no guarantee that the spouse and children will be granted a visa to travel to the United States. This decision is made solely by the US Embassy.