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Traveling Outside of the United States as an F1 Student

If you need to travel outside of the United States during your annual breaks or mid-semester for an emergency you will need to obtain permission from the ISS office BEFORE you travel. To gain permission to travel, you must submit the following to the ISS office:

  1. Travel Authorization form with clearance signature from the Accounting office
  2. Copy of your plane ticket
  3. Your most recent I-20

Once your travel is approved the International Student Advisor will sign your I-20 and you will be free to travel for a limited time.

Please note: Without this travel signature you will experience a delay in being readmitted into the U.S. and there is a chance that your admission could be delayed.

If you have left the U.S. without obtaining permission and a signature from the International Student Advisor, you must contact the ISS office immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..