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Why I Write: A Poem

Why I write: A Poem
By Lucy Umoetek

I write to:

my hopes
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Prepping for National Day on Writing, 2017!

Who doesn't write? From sending a text to drafting a novel, writing is part of our daily lives. In the spirit of writing, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) commemorates every October 20 as the National Day on Writing. (Fun fact: The US Congress passed several laws that also…

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An inventory of WRMC web resources

APA Style:

In-text Citations:

Reference List entries:


APA Scholarly Paper Template (pdf):

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Happy National Day on Writing!

By: Writing Center Staff

In observance of the National Day on Writing, which was October 20, 2016, the WRMC welcomed members of the VIU community to share why they write. Faculty, staff, students, and other community members visited the center and wrote on Post-it notes their reasons for writing, and we are happy to say the front board was inundated with Post-its! We pulled so…

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Writing Tip: Common Writing Errors

We think Grammery (n.d.) is spot-on with this survey! These issues are the ones commonly seen here at the WRMC and are ones that are easy to fix once you learn the rules. What do you think? Do you have common frustrations with these rules? Can you list others?

Need more help learning how to fix them? Of course contact


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Congratulations Spring 2016 Poster Presenters!

On April 14th, 2016, twenty-two students presented their research and finals projects at the university's Academic Showcase. The topics of presentations ranged from education to politics. In total, 3 schools were represented at the poster session: the School of Education, the School of Public and International Affairs, and the General Education Program. Below is a list…

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Congratulations to Dr. Perini on his new book!

The Writing, Research, and Media Center would like to echo SED's sentiments and applaud our Managing Director, Dr. Michael Perini, on the publication of his book, The Academic Librarian as Blended Professional: Reassessing and Redefining the Role. Certainly a stellar accomplishment!

The blog post below was taken from a previous blog written by Vir…

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