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Scholarly Paper Template

The use of specific template depends upon the actual assignment and course in which you might be studying.  The attachment document is a general format for your papers, when a specific format is not provided by your instructor.  While the scholarly paper template may be good for one class, it might not be good for all.  Therefore, you should always consult with your instructor about the specific format that s/he wishes that you follow.  If an instructor asks you to use a specific template (other than this one), you must use the one provided by your teacher.

General Paper Formatting Rules*

  • All manuscripts should use Times New Roman, 12-point font size
  • Double space all lines of the text
  • Margins should be 1-inch on all sides
  • An indentation of ½ inch should be used for the first line of every paragraph
  • Use page numbers at the top right most corner of every page
  • Running heads should be used on all pages.  Use an abbreviated version of the title (when necessary), in all caps.  The first page of the manuscript uses the words “running head,” while subsequent pages only use the title (not the words “running head”).

*Remember to consult your professor for his/her specific formatting requirements.