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How do I attach a file?

Many teachers, institutions and hiring managers are specific about how they would like you to send them your documents. When emailing homework, resumes or other files you should always try to attach the file in the email, unless otherwise specified! If someone requests that you NOT attach files, but rather to copy and paste it into the body of an email, then they probably have a problem opening or reading attachments on their computers. If you choose not to send the file how they would like, then your resume will probably not even be opened! If they do not specify how to send it, then attach the document.

Why attach the document?

Sometimes when we send documents to people, we need to send the actual file for the document. This is especially true if you used special fonts or graphics in the file. Sometimes when you copy and paste your document into an email, the original format can become lost. Attaching ensures that the reader will see exactly what you see on your computer.

The following are some tips on the how to’s of attaching document.

  1. You need to know WHERE your document is saved on your computer. You can locate it by opening the document and clicking “SAVE AS.” If you do this, you will see the folder where the document is saved. OR, you can right click on the file icon and select properties, where you will be able to see the file location on your computer. Not knowing where you saved your document will cause a lot of frustration when you go to email it, so try saving your documents in a specific folder on your computer. Maybe create a JOB SEARCH folder. You can save all of your job search documents here and not need to worry about where they are going!
  2. Open your email. (If you do not have one, consider reading the article on emails in this issue). Every email provider is different, so you might need to translate these terms into what your email uses. Click on Compose Email. This will be where you type the body of your message to the potential employer. It is recommended that you always write something when sending your resume places. Consider using your cover letter as a reference for how to do the email.
  3. Once you type your message, you need to attach your resume. You will usually find something that looks like a paperclip near the subject bar or below the subject line. This is the icon that you need to use to attach your email!
  4. When you click on the icon a window will appear that asks you to specify where the resume is on your computer. You need to find it on your computer. Click on the file twice. Your email will begin to download the file. WAIT UNTIL THE FILE COMPLETELY DOWNLOADS. If you do not, then the file will not be attached.
What do I do if I forgot to attach the resume?

Do not worry! We all do this. It is recommended that you send a follow-up email with the attachment, and apologize for not attaching it. Everyone has done this, so do not be ashamed!

If you need help with attachments, please come see us!