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2010 – 2011

Academic Catalog 2010 – 2011

VIU Academic Catalog 2010 – 2011

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Addenda to 2010-2011 Catalog:

NOTE: All addenda are applied to the above PDF version of the 2010-2011 catalog.

    1. 9/10/2010 Correction on BCS Course Descriptions Section
      • Page 132: CS 355 Essentials of Networking (3) Correction: This course is Internship / CPT Qualified
      • Page 134: CS 458 Principles of Network Security (3) Correction: This course is not Internship / CPT Qualified
    2. 9/10/2010 Modification on Administrative staff and Full-Time Faculty
      • Page 9-10: Administrative staff table. The following replaces Emilia Butu
        Goran Trajkovski Interim Dean, School of Computer Information Systems

        Director, Online Education

      • Page 10: Full-Time Faculty table. The following replaces Emilia Butu
        Goran Trajkovski PhD in Computer Science, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

        MSc in Mathematical and Computer Sciences, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

        BSc in Applied Informatics, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

        Information technology & computer science
    3. 9/27/2010 Addition on BBA Program Section on page 84
      • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BBA)
        Program Objectives
        The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program prepares qualified students for leadership positions in the 21st century global marketplace. Future leaders will need to balance the goals of economic success with the constraints of greater social and environmental responsibility. Students are instructed by a distinguished faculty and learn to integrate changing human and information resources with continually developing technology, while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that has always been one of the key characteristics to successful businesses and management. The School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in the following three concentrations: International Business, Marketing, and Finance. In business organizations and situations, VIU BBA graduates will be able to:

        • Conceptualize a complex issue into a coherent, persuasive written or oral statement.
        • Use critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems, and make sound decisions.
        • Use information technology in decision-making.
        • Apply general concepts of ethical behavior in dealing with stakeholders.
        • Understand the importance of group dynamics in achieving organizational goals and use the skills needed for effective teamwork.
        • Understand the importance of culture and diversity.
    4. 10/26/2010 Correction on Accreditation and Certifications Section, on page 6
      • Item 4 will be modified to read as following and the rest of the sentence will be removed until the address line.
        “VIU is certified to operate in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV).”
    5. 10/26/2010 Correction on VIU Schools of Academic Study Section, on page 8
      • The first paragraph will be replaced by the following:
        “VIU has been established the following schools of academic study to date. VIU is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and all programs listed have been approved by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).”
    6. 10/26/2010 Correction on Formal Compliant Procedure Section, on page 64
      • Following sentence will be added at the end of this section.
        “VIU ensures that a student will not be subjected to unfair action as a result of initiating a complaint proceeding.”
    7. 10/26/2010 Addition on GEC Course Description on page 140
      • MATH 101: Pre-Calculus (3)
        Prerequisite:NoneThis course is intended to prepare students for the study of calculus. It includes a review of algebra (arithmetic operations, fractions, factoring, the quadratic formula, radicals, and exponents). This course also serves as an introduction to linear, polynomial, trigonometric, rational and logarithmic functions. Graphs of functions are also covered throughout the course.
      • MATH 151: Calculus I (3) 
        Prerequisite: Math 101

        This course covers functions, limits, the derivative, maximum and minimum problems, the integral, and transcendental functions.

    8. 02/11/2011 Course number changes in ESL program Pages 148-149: ESL Course Descriptions
      • ESL 162 => ESL 163
      • ESL 182 => ESL 183
      • ESL 262 => ESL 263
      • ESL 282 => ESL 283
      • ESL 162 => ESL 163
      • ESL 182 => ESL 183
      • ESL 262 => ESL 263
      • ESL 282 => ESL 283
    9. Course numbers are changed for the following courses, effective January 10, 2011:

Page 97: ESL Core Courses

    1. 02/11/2011 Missing course descriptions added in ESL program course descriptionsPages 149- 159: ESL Course Descriptions

      ESL 215: Business English I (30 hours – Elective)
      Students will focus on improving their listening and speaking skills in key areas of business communication: taking part in meetings, telephoning, negotiating, and socializing.

      ESL 216: Conversation Strategies (30 hours – Elective)
      This course offers students the opportunity to improve their conversation skills by learning to recognize and use a variety of subtle language cues that native speakers of English employ in order to understand a person’s intentions and to achieve desired outcomes.

      ESL 217: Introduction to American Culture I (30 hours – Elective) 
      This is a content-based course covering various aspects of American culture such as famous people and places, important historical events, and traditions. The linguistic component of the course focuses on vocabulary and reading skills. The course will culminate with individual oral presentations or exhibits focusing on specific aspects of American culture.

      ESL 218: Introduction to Public Speaking (30 hours – Elective) 
      In this course, students will learn to explain, support, and organize their own opinions, and to examine, question and refute opposing points of view. The course focuses on developing critical thinking, listening, and speaking skills; furthermore, the strategies learned in this course will also help students become more effective writers.

      ESL 295: Drama in English (30 hours – Elective)
      Through the study of short dramatic works, students will improve their skills in vocabulary, conversation, writing, listening, and reading. Students will rehearse and perform scenes and monologues and in so doing practice their pronunciation and speaking skills. Through the study and performance of drama, students will gain confidence in using English, in working collaboratively with others, and in public speaking. The course will culminate with a project in which students will write and perform original monologues or short dramatic scenes.

      ESL 311: Creative Writing (30 hours – Elective) 
      In this course, students are introduced to elements and techniques used in two major types of creative writing: poetry and the short story. Students will be exposed to a variety of authentic works and will work on exploring their own literary voice while paying special attention to clear and accurate usage of the English language.

      ESL 314: Business English II (30 hours – Elective) 
      The goal of the course is to familiarize the students with the basic communication modes of the modern American business world. The course includes extensive reading assignments and familiarizes students with basic forms of business writing such as memos, reports, invitations, resumes, letters, and agendas.

      ESL 316: Introduction to American Culture II (30 hours – Elective) 
      This course explores traditional basic American values and how these values affect various institutions and aspects of life in the United States. The course aims to prepare ESL students for academic classes by introducing them to a variety of techniques to process longer reading segments and by teaching effective debate skills.

      ESL 318: Brilliant Essays in 30 Minutes – TOEFL Writing (30 hours – Elective) 
      This course focuses on developing the skills necessary for successful completion of integrated and independent writing tasks of the iBT TOEFL. Students will review the basic principles of paragraph and essay structure, learn effective note-taking techniques, develop time management and stress reduction strategies, and practice summarizing and synthesizing information from listening and reading passages.

      ESL 394: English through Songs and Broadway Musicals (30 hours – Elective) 
      The course will introduce the students to a range of timeless classics that have become an important part of American culture and language. This course is designed to help students increase their vocabulary, gain familiarity with colloquial speech patterns and nonverbal expressions, and improve their reading, listening, and writing skills.

      ESL 396: Introduction to Journalism (30 hours – Elective)
      Students will be introduced to the basic principles and ethics of journalism, learn how to prepare for and conduct effective interviews, how to take notes during an interview, and how to weave quotes into texts. A key component of this course is to produce a high-quality student publication that can be added to the school’s website.

    2. 03/29/2011 Mission Statement Updated, on page 5The mission statement and philosophy of the institution has been revised in terms of structure and wording. The following will replace the whole content on Page 5.

      Virginia International University was established in 1998 as a private non-profit institution of higher education to provide affordable, quality higher education to prepare students to meet the ever-evolving needs and opportunities of the 21st-Century workforce. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, just minutes from Washington, D.C., VIU offers degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels in business administration and computer science. Full and part-time diplomas and certificates in a variety of professional and technical fields are offered as well. This includes language programs such as ESL and TOEFL.
      VIU boasts a student body from all over the world and an equally diverse faculty and professional staff. The richness of our multicultural human resources reflects VIU’s mission statement and philosophy.

      Mission Statement
      Virginia International University’s mission is to educate students from all over the world through a highly qualified, equally diverse faculty and staff while striving to provide academic programs that engender the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity urgently needed in the global community.

      As a community of students, staff, and faculty drawn from diverse national, cultural, and social backgrounds, VIU aims to improve the environment in which freedom of thought and diverse interpretations of human experiences are cherished. It is our hope and expectation that each member of the university will develop a greater awareness of, and responsiveness to, fellow members as well as to those beyond our campus who are less privileged. In the fulfillment of this mission, the university shall seek an efficient use of all available resources to ensure the highest quality of service to its students, faculty and staff. The ultimate goal of VIU is no less than to graduate scholars of moral, intellectual, and professional excellence who will not only make a better life for themselves and their families but who, more importantly, will lead the way to a better world for everyone.
      At VIU, we believe that learning is not confined to the formal instruction of the traditional classroom. We offer a number of extracurricular clubs and activities where experts in a variety of subjects are brought in to discuss topics of interest to students.

    3. 04/15/2011 Distance Education description elaborated, page 98Following section will be added at the end of the page 98

      The online courses at VIU are completely Internet-based with no face-to-face meetings. Typically, students work independently on their own schedule. Occasionally, synchronous activities are held to allow for the instructor and the students to communicate in real-time. The courses are instructor-led – the instructor leads the online course and manages the online forums and also monitors and assesses student progress and performance in the online classroom.

      The VIU online courses are Web-based and are delivered through a learning management system. Online courses are very similar to the courses delivered on campus. The learning objectives are the same for online and on-campus classes. Online sessions typically contain the following elements: session learning objectives, online lectures, and readings, multimedia, text presentations, assignments, threaded discussions, case studies, quizzes, opportunities for collaborative learning and for problem solving. The methods that are used to deliver the online courses typically consist of lecture, discussion/forum, research, case studies, and group work, that are supported by selected tools and resources, that include but are not limited to printed materials/resources, video, audio, nonlinear media, reviews and exams, email communication, threaded discussions, blogs, chat, video and teleconferencing.

    4. 04/22/2011 Career Planning and Placement services information updated, on page 17The following text will replace the Career Development and Placement Services section on page 17.

      VIU’s Career Planning and Placement Center is available to assist students in the exploration of their career interests, abilities, and related skills. The Center works with students in all areas of career development including resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing skills, and internship and job search assistance. Services provided include an online Career Center Job portal, career development workshops, mock interviews, and on-campus employer information sessions and career fairs.

      Career Development and Placement Services Location:

      Web site:
      Location: Pender Building (next to the VIU Bookstore) 3957 Pender Drive Fairfax, Virginia 22030
      Telephone: 703-591-1844 Ext: 340

    5. 04/22/2011 MBA Program Prerequisites description updated, page 67These program prerequisites are co-requisites and may be taken at the same time. Additionally, the Dean or Associate Dean at his/her discretion has the authority to issue permission or waiver for these courses. Students also have an option of testing out of these courses or provide other evidence of content knowledge through certifications, successful completion similar courses, or training certificates.
    6. 04/22/2011 Business Administration Program Internship/CPT qualified courses expandedEffective date: 5/2/2011
      All the concentration courses of BBA and MBA are now added to CPT/Internship Qualified course pool as well as following MBA elective courses, MBA 633, MBA 634, MBA 636, and MBA 652.

      This change is noted on program descriptions on pages 67-71 for MBA and pages 84-87 for BBA. Also the course descriptions on page 101-109 and 102-130 are modified to note this change.

    7. 05/10/2011 Statement of accreditation amended, page 6The following text will replace the first paragraph.
      Virginia International University is a senior college accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
    8. 05/10/2011 Typo correction, page 71At the top of the page “MBA Core Courses (18 credits)” is corrected to read “MBA Core Courses (24 credits)”.
    9. 17. 05/11/2011 Course description amended for GEC 108 Business English, on page 138The course description of GEC 108 has been updated to the following.

      GEC 108 Business English
      Prerequisite: None
      This course teaches students how to create several types of business documents, including business letters, resumes, employment letters, interoffice memos, news releases, business reports, and project presentations.

    10. 05/11/2011 Modification on Administrative Staff and Full-time Faculty table, on page 10
      • Administrative Staff table: Hasan K. Burk is removed from the list
      • Full-time Faculty table: Hasan K. Burk is removed from the list.
      • Full-time Faculty Table – Credential update: Marietta Bradinova and Goran Trajkovski credentials are updated with the following.
      Faculty Name
      Degrees Earned
      Field of Expertise
      Marietta Bradinova PhD in English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

      MA in English, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

      MA and BA in Foreign Language and Literature (English), Cyril and Mehodii University, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

      English, Linguistics, Language Pedagogy
      Goran Trajkovski PhD in Computer Science, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

      MSc in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

      BEng in Computer Science, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

      Information Technology & Computer Science


  1. 05/31/2011 Added institution objectives, on page 5In order to further the Mission and Philosophy of the university, VIU is committed to the following objectives:
    • To recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty and staff and to support teaching, research, and the service mission of the university.
    • To elevate the university’s learning environment to attract and retain excellent students from all over the world as well as from the USA
    • To offer learning experiences beyond the classroom that enhances traditional instruction and prepares students for the global workforce.
    • To offer an up to date curriculum that is relevant which ensures each student has the following competencies: to think critically; to reason analytically; to solve problems realistically; and to communicate clearly.
    • To endeavor to provide successful employment placement options for students.


  2. 06/01/2011 Correction on certificate programs’ prerequisites
    1. Page 44: Delete last sentence of the top paragraph:
      “It is the policy of VIU not to require Certificate students in Business and Computer Science programs to fulfill the course prerequisites since their programs are of limited duration.“
    2. Page 94: Add following text after the Elective course list.
      “To ensure successful coverage of the courses that comprise the IT Certificate program, some students may be required to take some or all the courses below before taking courses from the IT Certificate program:

      Code Course name Credits
      MATH 151 Calculus I 3
      CS 110 Computer Science I 3
      CS 215 Digital Design 3
      CS 270 Computer Science II 3
    3. Pages 140 and 144: Delete following text: “NOTE: The difference between ‘None’ and ‘Exempt’ prerequisites. ‘None’ means that the course doesn’t have any prerequisites. ‘Exempt’ means that the course does have a prerequisite, but certificate students are exempt from taking it.”
    4. Page 140 – 143: Following courses’ course prerequisite have been updated as below.
      • ACCT 201: Principles of Financial Accounting
        Prerequisite: None
      • BUSS 303: Principles of Finance
        Prerequisite: ACCT 201
      • BUSS 307: Business Law I
        Prerequisite: None
      • BUSS 340: International Business
        Prerequisite: BUSS 210 or BUSS 312
      • BUSS 442: International Marketing
        Prerequisite: BUSS 302
      • BUSS 444: International Finance
        Prerequisite: ECON 101 or BUSS 303
  3. 06/01/2011 Modification on Full-time Faculty table, on page 10

    Faculty Name

    Degrees Earned
    Field of Expertise
    Goran Trajkovski PhD in Technical Science, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

    MSc in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

    BEng in Computer Science, SS Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

    Information Technology & Computer Science


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