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Research at VIU

Why research at VIU?

Research is an integral part of understanding the world around us and in making a positive impact on the community, both locally and globally. VIU faculty come from a diverse array of backgrounds and have contributed to a growing body of knowledge through book publications, research publications, professional workshops, conference presentations, and many other endeavors. As such, Virginia International University shares the commitment of providing opportunities to faculty and graduate program students to engage in scholarly research for personal, professional, and university growth.

What is the IRB?

The institutional review board (or IRB) consists of at least seven members who have a variety of areas of expertise and extensive experience with research. Several of those members are affiliated with VIU, while some are external to the university. The purpose of the IRB is to ensure the protection of human participants involved in research studies, thus ensuring human participants’ rights and welfare. The IRB meets and reviews applications for research involving human participants with the sole purpose of making sure research studies meet strict guidelines for the protection of human participants.

How can I conduct research at VIU?

If your research involves human participants, you are required to receive approval from the IRB prior to beginning your research study. Research involving surveys, interviews, archival data, and observations all involve human participants and require IRB approval. It is the responsibility of each principal investigator to seek approval from the IRB.

Who serves on the IRB?

The following is a list of current IRB members. IRB members are tasked with reviewing, approving, and/or disapproving research involving human subjects and providing assistance to researchers. If you have questions regarding the IRB or any of the procedures for conducting research, you may contact the IRB Chairperson at Your inquiry will then be directed to the appropriate IRB member.

Dr. Rebecca Sachs (Chair) VIU School of Education
Dr. Ademola Asaya VIU School of Business
Dr. Halil Atabay VIU General Education (Biology)
Dr. Kevin Martin VIU School of Language Studies & Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Julie Lake Georgetown University Law Center
Dr. Ilham Nasser VIU School of Education & Office of Assessment and Evaluation
Dr. Natasha Schuh-Nuhfer Northern Virginia Community College, NOVA SySTEMic