Virginia International University Schools

School of Business

VIU's School of Business offers a wide array of programs; from a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a selection of 3 different concentrations; Undergraduate Certificate in International Business and Small Business Management; to a Graduate Certificate in Project Management; Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Project Management; and a world-class Master of Business Administration degree with a selection of 11 different concentrations, and new programs coming soon. Students acquire a solid understanding of business subject matter as well as the skills necessary to make them competitive in tomorrow's market.

School of Computer Information Systems

The School of Computer Information Systems at VIU stands up to the challenge of offering degrees in graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs that equip the students with the skill sets to support the fast expansion of the computing field and its applications across various domains.

School of Education

The School of Education offers degrees for exciting and in-demand career paths with a Master of Education, a Master of Arts in TESOL, and a Master of Science in Applied Linguistics. Students gain real-world experiences through hands-on classes, outside workshops and speaker series, an international conference (CLLC), and an actively engaged student body. Learn from peers and world-class instructors in a friendly and collaborative environment.

School of Public & International Affairs

Are you passionate about politics and public service? Interested in public policy or international development? The School of Public & International Affairs offers two master's-level programs: Master of Science in International Relations (MIR) and Master of Public Administration (MPA). The MIR program focuses on the study of foreign policy and international development and business. The MPA degree is designed to prepare students for careers in public management and local, state, and federal administration. Both programs provide students with the skills to pursue careers with state and local governments, international organizations, non-profit organizations, multinational corporations, news outlets, policy research institutions, and many more.

School of Online Education

Are you looking to complete your degree or certificate on your own timeline? VIU's School of Online Education provides students the opportunity to complete a master's or bachelor's degree - or even a certificate program - fully online! However, on-campus students may also choose to complete part of their degrees or certificates online. VIU’s online classes follow a flexible eight-week format which means students can register for courses six times a year. The School of Online Education offers an innovative e-learning experience for students around the world. The online courses at VIU are completely Internet-based with no face-to-face meetings, which allow students to work on their own schedule and pace.

School of Language Studies

English is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, and entertainment, and a working knowledge of English means better job opportunities worldwide. The School of Language Studies at VIU provides students with an opportunity to learn English quickly in a safe and friendly environment. Programs include two tracks to help develop and improve upon a student's English proficiency: intensive ESL (focusing on academic English and IELTS or TOEFL test preparation) and non-intensive ESL (e.g., business English, advanced speaking, TOEFL preparation).

School of Test Preparation

The School of Test Preparation (STP) programs are designed to help students with various standardized tests, major field tests and licensing tests. It also provides teachers training programs. The school has been serving students locally and internationally. STP faculty help you understand which test is most suitable for your career or academic goals and to prepare you to complete the test successfully. They will help you get high scores and feel confident when you take the real test.

General Education Department

The General Education Department courses prepare VIU students to obtain the necessary skill set to be well-prepared for their academic programs. General Education Department faculty provide a balanced approach to support students in their acquisition of the skills that are used across a variety of disciplines, levels, and professions. Undergraduate students are required to choose and take the General Education Department 12 courses (total of 36 credits) across 6 disciplinary divisions.