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CGPA Waiver Policy

To ensure that eventual students will have the ability to benefit from education in our institution.  Virginia International University (VIU) requires that applicants meet our minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) standards. For students applying at the graduate level, students must have a minimum of a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale from their undergraduate studies when applying for admissions to our programs. Alternatively, students who might have an undergraduate CGPA lower than a 2.5, but who have previous graduate work at a college or university equivalent to at least 9 credits and a CGPA greater than 3.0 would also demonstrate sufficient CGPA. This graduate CGPA supersedes the undergraduate CGPA.

VIU also recognizes that a CGPA is not the sole indicator of a student’s ability to succeed, and other parameters, such as professional experience, may be an indication of the applicant’s ability to benefit.

What do I do if I have a low GPA?

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree GPA below 2.5 begin the admissions process by uploading all necessary documents. After these documents are reviewed, they may request what is called a “CGPA Waiver Request” from the student. At this time additional sections will be added to the student’s Application Portal so that they can upload additional documents.

A CGPA waiver request packet includes the following item:

A request to waive the CGPA requirement (1-page in length) specifically addressing the following:

  • (at least) 1 paragraph explaining why the applicant struggled in their previous academic experience
  • (at least) 1 paragraph about how they have overcome those issues
  • (at least) 1 paragraph about how they plan to ensure that they will be successful in the program (i.e., continuing to ensure that the problems above are managed)

Note that this request to waive the CGPA requirement is different than a statement of purpose (required for programs in the Education Department and the Public and International Affairs Department) in that the waiver request addresses an applicant’s ability to succeed in the program despite not having the minimum requirement.

The GPA Waiver Request Packet will be reviewed by department staff/faculty who are qualified to evaluate the likely achievement of the applicant in relation to the content, scope, and required academic rigor of the program. A formal recommendation on approval or denial of the waiver request will be made by the Dean of the department being applied to and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.