VIU uses an SMS Alert System as part of our ongoing emergency management efforts. This system is available for all members of the VIU community to enroll with a cell phone number, and receive important alerts about the university as a text message.   If there is inclement weather preventing the university from opening on time, or a hazard on campus, VIU will be able to inform all members of our community by text message. Our goal is to keep our student body, faculty, and staff safe and informed at all times.

In order to enroll in this system and stay informed about the status of the university, all you need to do is text JOIN VIU to the number 30890. VIU will not share your telephone information with third parties, and will only use the system when there is a compelling university-wide announcement, such as a snow closing or delay. As always, weather delay and closing information will also be posted on the VIU website and on all major media outlets.

Text JOIN VIU to 30890 to enroll today!