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International Affairs

The CDIA International Affairs program focuses on both current affairs as well as historical trends that impact international relations today. The Center’s three key areas of interest are international development, international security and diplomacy in action.

International Development

The CDIA International Development program seeks to share best practices in the areas of international economic development, infrastructure creation and human rights. Case studies, conversations with practitioners in the field and volunteering opportunities worldwide form the cornerstone of the program.

International Security

With the advent of new technologies, the ease of travel and lifting of visa restrictions around the world, as well as the globalization of terrorist movements, international security is playing an increasingly important role in public policy and international affairs. In this program, we speak with practitioners and lawmakers throughout the world to see how current security challenges are solved and how future challenges can be prevented.

Diplomacy in Action

The Diplomacy in Action program illuminates international diplomatic efforts throughout the world and examines the motivations behind them as well as their execution. Not limited to traditional diplomacy, the program also examines cultural, public and digital diplomacy efforts.