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Camilla de Jesus Nunes: Opportunity Starts Here: Online Scholarships

Camilla de Jesus Nunes: Opportunity Starts Here: Online Scholarships

“My scholarship motivated me to exceed my own expectations!”

I have always searched for ways to improve my professional performance and my interpersonal communication skills, and before I started studying at the MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program, I had no idea of the numerous opportunities I could have at FXUA. The outstanding faculty, thoughtful staff, scholarships, online classes, and on-campus job opportunities make FXUA a place where I am able to grow personally and professionally.

After my first semester, fall 2012, I applied for an Academic Scholarship. The process was simple and, because of the variety of scholarships, I was eligible to apply for four different ones. Based on my grades and English proficiency level, I was granted the Presidential Scholarship. One of the benefits of holding a scholarship is the additional motivation to exceed expectations in all my course assignments. It has been really helpful in paying my tuition as well. If you are interested in applying for any scholarship, do not hesitate to check the FXUA website for the required documents for your application and find out the best fit scholarship for you.

Online courses are great options for students like me who live far from FXUA or for students who deal with any kind of time constraint. Our professors are outstanding in planning the lessons and choosing the appropriate topics. Participating in discussions online was very similar to on-campus courses but with the advantage that I could contribute with my opinion any time of the day – it was more convenient to for me! It was really interesting to learn from my classmates’ diverse opinions and to use technology towards to further my educational goals. I would encourage students to take online courses especially because of the time flexibility, and the opportunity to better manage our personal studying schedules!

Camilla de Jesus Nunes
Alumni, MA in TESOL