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Janet Wang, Online ESL Student

Janet Wang, Online ESL Student

At last, I started my study from 21st October, I am learning speaking and listening currently.

I think that I am very lucky to be one student of this program. The whole progress enrollment was quite hard. Since I am very slow at computer, and here in China, foreign websites usually don’t work well, even some very popular websites are blocked, besides, there was a difference of languages.

Anyway, Susann helped me out, and I can start my real study of English Finally. I was so happy, that all those problems have been solved. During that time, I even wanted to give up, but every time, when I sent my email with problems again and again, I always get very helpful information, she even gave me details about how to install required software. We solved all those problems one by one, step by step. So, here I am, I can eventually study my ideal course, and I will be much better with English, I believe that even more by now, because later, my teacher Lauren proved that, I just started my course one week ago, and I am a quite slow learner, Lauren and I can meet through Skype twice a week. At the time, we discuss anything that I am confused with.

I enjoyed the study very much. Even we have different time zone, but with email, everything works out very smoothly. And I can always get replies from my teacher very quickly. She even shows up very early in the morning in order to meet me before she teaches some other classes. I am so moved that staff in VIU have got very positive attitude on their work, without those effort they’ve made, I could be a very enthusiastic student here now.

One day, I can be perfect in English!

Janet Wang