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Nikola Stojanovic: Graduates succeed in an Active Job Market

Nikola Stojanovic: Graduates succeed in an Active Job Market

“VIU gave me the confidence to succeed in a global job market!”

Studying at VIU has been the most amazing experience of my life so far! Each day I learn more about myself and my profession, while also developing stronger bonds with the people around me. This university brought together a group of strangers and made them best friends.

During my MIS studies in VIU I have encountered online education for the first time. For me, it was a strange and difficult experience in the beginning, as I always liked traditional on campus classes. However, after completing several VIU courses online, I realized the many benefits of online education.  Now, I honestly believe that online classes are just as effective as traditional classes, as long as the student applies himself properly.

Each student should meet weekly requirements in accordance with the course syllabus and calendar through the highly efficient online portal. I really like that VIU’s Moodle portal provides a lot of additional material related to the subject, as well as videos and software code. Also, our library provides all the necessary materials for study on campus and gives VIU students online access to a vast amount of e-books and materials. With all this extra support, learning is much more interesting, and online discussions provide excellent sharing of knowledge among students.

I believe that in my online VIU sessions I learned as much from my fellow classmates as I did from my professors.  Therefore, while all work online should be completed independently, weekly discussions encourage and facilitate sharing of experiences and lessons between students.  Finally, the professors contribute to each student’s learning by providing high-quality and timely feedback on each assignment and by being readily available to answer all questions. Those are the major strengths of VIU online education that I believe will become a standard in years to come.

As a recent VIU graduate, I am in the active job market in the process of interviewing for positions. I am confident that with my VIU degree and experience I will succeed in my career.

Nikola Stojanovic
Alumni, Master of Information Systems