Anastassiya Lapikhina

Anastassiya Lapikhina

I am completing my MS in Project Management at Virginia International University. Since arriving in the United States, I have been fortunate to learn from so many great professors in the School of Business. Dr. Onu, Dr. Robinson, and Dr. Zampedro are amazing lecturers and definite experts in the field of project management. At VIU, I have made new friends from every corner of the world, which is amazing. Everybody here is always open with each other as we exchange our diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

Though I have only been at VIU a short time, I learned so much about the most successful contemporary business approaches and shifts as well as decision-making skills; I’ve also been able to broaden my knowledge in how to lead a project and manage a team, how to apply risk management procedures, and so much more. Before coming to the US to study, I worked as a deputy project manager at a Turkish organization in Almaty, Kazakhstan. My experiences back home and my newly gained knowledge in project management will allow me to become a more successful professional in my field when I return to my home country.

At VIU, I am very fortunate to work on campus as an assistant to the university’s Quality Assurance Department. My on-campus job is not just an additional source of income, but also helps me to understand how the US business culture works and gives me more practical learning experiences along with my studies. I can say from personal experience that VIU offers great career growth opportunities to students.

Coming to the US to study was one of my biggest dreams. Since enrolling at IVU, I have pushed myself so hard to learn everything I can from this institution and all people I come into contact with. I do this through my job on campus, but I also participate in many student activities. I was involved in the VIU Student Government elections, which enabled me to improve my social and networking skills.

Though it was my dream to come to America to study, I feel that my real dreams are just beginning. I can say with confidence that my university is the best choice for anybody who wants to study in the United States. VIU has the most affordable tuition, a safe environment, and excellent professors who will teach you so much. Coming to VIU has changed my life. I have so many new friends with whom I learn from and prepare for class with. I am able to attend conferences in Washington, DC and visit many historical places. I am happy with my life here at VIU in the US and I am so excited to gain the practical experience offered by VIU while studying.

Anastassiya Lapikhina,
MS in Project Management