Lakshyaveer Singh

Lakshyaveer Singh

When I decided to pursue my master’s degree, I knew I wanted to attend a university that focused on diversity while being close to the DC area. The area provides a wide variety of hotels to be able to complete my CPT and OPT prior to returning to my hotel business in India.

My favorite thing about VIU is that it offers a specialized MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management; most of the universities I researched offered general MBA programs. Its specialized MBA program made VIU stand out to me. The diversity that VIU offers was another standout reason to attend.

I’m studying in the United States but having the opportunity to learn about different cultures from more than 100 countries around the world expands my knowledge. Diversity is an advantage for someone like me, studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, as we deal with people from different areas of the world and VIU is preparing me for that.

I am an Indian hotelier from Faridabad, Haryana. I have my bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from India. During my studies, I took care of my family’s business of hotels and resorts as an Assistant Marketing Manager and after my BS, I became the Sales and Marketing Manager at Lakshya’s Hotel in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Since my childhood, I was involved in my family business, even while I was in boarding school, as my parents wanted to prepare me because I will be responsible for the business in the future.

Since coming to VIU, I have had so many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I have been able to volunteer on-campus and off-campus which gives me opportunities to interact with VIU students and the Fairfax community. My volunteering experience not only helps me grow but also gave me a chance to earn a scholarship; I am a Gold level scholarship winner in the Leadership and Mentorship Program for the Fall of 2016. VIU also provided me with the opportunity to start the Drama Club, where we have performed at Diversity Luncheons.

One of the best parts of VIU are the professors. They are extremely friendly and helpful. They care about each student and if he/she understood the topic clearly. There are always presentations for class in each subject which prepares the students to be leaders and enhance their public speaking skills. I was really impressed by how caring the professors are at VIU.

A degree from the USA is the most prestigious degree in the world and it will empower my knowledge in hospitality and tourism management. My on-job training will complete my theoretical knowledge with practical experience, so I will be ready to take my family’s business to the next level and make it one of the leading hotels in India. I believe my degree and my experience here in the USA will be a huge advantage for me while facing my competitors back home in India.

Once I graduate from VIU, I plan to go back to my country and start implementing more ideas to grow my hotels and resorts business. I want to take Lakshya’s Hotel to different parts of India and start to spread my business worldwide. My parents started their dream of a chain of Lakshya’s Hotels and Resorts and I will be the one taking this dream to the next level and make it a multinational reality.

Lakshyaveer Singh
MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management