Magnaijargal Baatar

Magnaijargal Baatar

VIU Student from Mongolia Shines in the National Newspaper

Magnaijargal (Magnai) is an international student from Mongolia. He is one of few students who work on-campus for VIU’s Marketing and Communications Department. As an MBA student, Magnaijargal believes that his role as a thought leader will make a difference in his community and the world.

UnuudurMagnai and VIU Soccer Team, a widely circulated daily Mongolian newspaper, published an interview with Magnaijargal (Magnai) Baatar, a young man from Mongolia who works and studies at Virginia International University (VIU) in Fairfax, VA. In his interview, Magnaijargal talked about his experience in the US and shared a few tips for international students.

“I encourage all international students who wish to study in the US to prepare in advance especially if they don’t have friends or family here to support them,” said Magnai.

He recommends checking the university website and contacting staff to inquire information about housing options and potential expenses. “Improve your English as much as possible,” added Magnai. “It will help you better understand the class materials and communicate with the people around you.” Magnai advised students to apply for student staff job openings since employment outside of a university campus is highly restricted for international students in the US. On-campus jobs give students a great amount of financial and emotional support and provide them with relevant experience. “I am fortunate to work with kind and caring colleagues at VIU’s Marketing and Communications Department who support me emotionally and help me grow as a professional.

Magnai with Marketing StaffThis job and a scholarship also help me pay my tuition and fees.” VIU is a non-profit university, which attracts international students from over 100 different countries. Magnai helps his fellow students from Mongolia to overcome language and cultural barriers by answering their questions about the university and living America.

Magnai admitted that he hesitated before taking a risk of leaving everyone he knew back in Mongolia to study in the US. Now he knows that getting a Master’s Degree at VIU changed his life for the best. He says “Living far away from my family can be tough, I am happy to call VIU my home here.”

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