Olaotan Elisha Fade

Olaotan Elisha Fade

The first time I heard about VIU was from a friend. With a little research, I discovered that it’s a school that promotes diversity; where one can study and learn about other countries and continents from fellow students without even stepping on the soil of those countries. Combine that with the affordability of the tuition and the availability of scholarships is what totally brought me to VIU.
I was born in Nigeria into a family of four and at the tender age of two, I lost my father. Nonetheless, my mother ensured that I received my education. I earned my first degree in Biochemistry and afterward worked as a Medical Representative in a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria.

The academic environment is demanding but each lecture is simplified; I haven’t enjoyed classes before like I have at VIU. In Nigeria, I don’t think I ever spent more than 2 hours in a class and here I am doing 3 hours each class and loving it. The professors are the best I have encountered. They make learning easy and ever ready to provide solutions to your concerns. They don’t just deliver a lecture, they teach and relate it to the real world. Upon completion of my MBA program, I feel I will have received more knowledge about business administration and healthcare management; this places me in a good position ahead of my colleagues back home.

VIU has presented me with so many different opportunities. I am a recipient of Regional Scholarship, within my first few weeks here, the career center has helped me build a solid resume, and I have had the opportunity to display my talent.

The university’s atmosphere is electric with a very friendly staff and students. The unity in diversity is so strong and everyone is supportive; I didn’t want to display my talent for music at first but my friends gave me the push I needed and I am glad I did share my talent. I enjoy the arts and participated in many musical performances. I play the drums, dance, and sing. I have a couple of songs and musical videos recorded back in my country.

Everything a student can ever desire while pursuing their degree is available at VIU. The tuition is affordable and the availability of scholarships are major pluses. You will meet people from countries you haven’t even heard of before and that’s the beauty of it.

Olaotan Elisha Fade
MBA in Healthcare Management