Student Profile: Bayanjargal Battumur

Student Profile: Bayanjargal Battumur

I first learned about Virginia International University through the university’s partnership with the Mongolian Royal Academy in Mongolia, where I am originally from. I chose Virginia International University because VIU is a great place to study, make friends, have fun, and – most importantly – make unforgettable memories. Also, the professors here are really nice and very understanding. They can help you whenever you are struggling with the materials they are going over in class or even if students just need help with their assignments.

I am proud to be part of Virginia International University. It is a safe environment, and the students are provided the freedom to celebrate their beliefs while also treating each other with respect, as if they were members of a family. VIU has an outstanding education program with highly prepared instructors that care about their students’ success. This university has everything that a student needs to reach their goals, including the Career Center, Students Affairs, the Student Union, and the Writing Center. VIU not only cares about academics, it also cares about students’ interests and so it offers a variety of clubs and organizations for people to join.

I have made many good friends from other countries since coming to Virginia International University.  I am able to learn about each of their countries, their cultures, and their thinking. They always study hard so they can achieve their dreams, and they make me more enthusiastic about studying.  The experience here has broadened my horizons and really changed my view about many things.

My advice to prospective students is, when you come to the Virginia International University, do not be afraid to venture out and join clubs and societies. You will experience living amongst people from many nationalities and make lifelong friends. Coming here was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Bayanjargal Battumur
Bachelor of Business Administration