Tamila Khalikova

Tamila Khalikova

Through the latter course of my career, I have been working in a logistics atmosphere. Because of the nature of my work, I wanted to earn my MBA in a logistics field. To be honest, what led me to VIU was a simple Google search when I was looking for a university that could offer me my desired concentration in MBA. When I visited the VIU website, I had a good feeling about the school. As a result, I now I am a part of the VIU family.

What I like most about our university is that it is very diverse place to exchange culture and knowledge. VIU’s faculty keep in touch with their students even years after graduation. The atmosphere at VIU is always very benevolent and friendly. If someone has a problem, like missing their family, friends, or struggling with their studies, the VIU staff is always there for us. This is what I love most about my school.

Studying in the US is completely different from where I studied in Uzbekistan. Class discussions, course activities, and presentations, among other activities in the classroom, give me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge globally. I have friends from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Moldova, Russia, Peru, Columbia, Egypt and, of course, Uzbekistan here at VIU.

I am lucky enough to work as a student staff at the VIU Career Center. We mentor students, educate them about university events, and provide career counseling – especially regarding future career opportunities. Gratitude from our students is the best compliment we receive in the Career Center; it motivates us to help others and our community.

My advice to students would be to place themselves among the best. If you have a dream, follow it despite any obstacles. No one will accomplish your dream except for you. Try to listen to your intuition, and you will be good. Prior coming to VIU, I had difficulties in obtaining a visa. I did not give up. I applied for the third time, despite some of my friends and family telling me to give up. However, I persevered and I am here today. I was honest with my dream, and my ambition and commitment helped me to achieve it today. So if you are planning to study at VIU, in the US, just minutes away from the national capital in Washington, DC, do not stop dreaming! Just try another time until you are successful!

As most of our graduates do, I am planning to be employed in one of the companies here in the United States after completing my degree. Getting work experience in the field of logistics in the US will help me to succeed. Further, I would like to start my own business, which my professors enthusiastically support and prepare me for.

Tamila Khalikova,
MBA in Global Logistics