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Vinita Rao

Vinita Rao

Today, the keys to our success and a dynamic future lie within the world of technology, and we are getting to the point where the impact of this technology will go beyond science and technology-related areas.

I pursued a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Mumbai, an institute that specializes in the subject. After successfully completing my undergraduate studies, I joined the software giant Infosys as systems engineer, but I was eager to pursue a master’s degree. I started my Master of Engineering in Computer Science at Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s College of Engineering and Technology, affiliated with the University of Mumbai.  In spite of all this academic and professional experience, I realized that I had only gained an overview of all subjects related to computer science. Hence, to develop more in-depth knowledge, I needed a master’s degree in computer science with a networking specialization.

My search for a good school stopped after I had one look at the curriculum at Virginia International University’s School of Computer Information Systems. I wanted to avail of a world class education through the exposure to related disciplines throughout the university and across disciplinary boundaries. Here I am now pursuing a master’s degree in computer science in the School of Computer Information Systems where innovative thinking, idea generation, and independent research are encouraged. The lectures, seminars, and independent studies all test and refine my skills. The university and its distinguished faculty are serving as a guiding force for my hard work and efforts. Additionally, foreign education here gives me an open platform to showcase my skills and talents, and the ensuing exposure to the USA puts me on the path of self-discovery.

I am also working as a graduate teaching assistant in the School of Computer Information Systems and I have been awarded with the most prestigious scholarship that is the Presidents Scholarship at VIU. It is not just the technology that changes; the professional behind it also needs to adapt and adopt innovative technologies to be an able contributor to the field. My desire has always been to strive for excellence, which would provide me the necessary guidance and opportunities to have an edge over others.

Vinita Rao
Alumni, MS in Computer Science