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Staff  Faculty
1Christine Rosenfeld, MS
Adjunct Faculty
crosenfeld@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education
2Farah Morshali, MA in TESOL
Adjunct Faculty
fmorshali@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Language Studies
3Fouad Moumen, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
fouad.moumen@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Computer Information Systems
4Halil Atabay, PhD
Full Professor, General Education Department Chair
hatabay@viu.eduGeneral Education
5John Samaha, MS
Adjunct Faculty
jsamaha@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education
6Marietta Bradinova, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
marietta.bradinova@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Education
7Matthew Brake, MDiv
Adjunct Faculty
mbrake@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education
8Shufang Ni, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
sni@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Education | School of Language Studies
9Victor Oliver Espinoza, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
voliverespinoza@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education