The Campaign for Giving

Opening a World of Opportunity, One Student at a Time

Our Vision

Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

At VIU Now, we believe that receiving the proper support and guidance can transform an already bright individual into so much more. We are here to be that Academic, Personal, and Professional support system. Being a catalyst to help our students reach their fullest potential as they pursue their career aspirations is the essence of VIU’s vision.

The VIU Now campaign supports priorities in every program of study, department, facility, including our Scholarship program. It is our opportunity--as staff, faculty, students, alumni, families and friends-- to ensure VIU continues to take its place among the world’s most respected institutions, and influence global citizens by supporting students as they define their academic and personal success.


Campaign Stories

Our Campus

Open Now!
Global Bistro

Global Bistro, founded in 2017, is an addition to the growing expansion of Virginia International University. Global Bistro brings together a casual dining experience with the vision to implement the goodness of health and culture through delicious, farm to table creative meals. We’ve partnered with local farmers’ markets to ensure our commitment to providing customers with the freshest ingredients at sensible prices. Along with our relationships with local farmers’ markets, Global Bistro works with a top quality coffee supplier, ILLY; 100 % single-blend Arabica coffee beans that are carefully hand-crafted and selected from nine regions, creating a distinct aroma, flavor, and taste in every sip. Twice a month our international menu celebrates a specific country’s authentic cuisines like Korea, India, Japan, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico. With our commitment to celebrating diversity, Global Bistro delivers a worldly experience beyond our menu by bringing together all nationalities; we are building meaningful friendships and spreading creativity through every flavorful bite.

Our Programs

4th Annual Conference on Language, Learning, & Culture

The 2017 Conference on Language, Learning, and Culture was organized by VIU's School of Education. The conference focused on the professional identities, communities, beliefs, and practices of educators and how they can all be harnessed to enhance and advance the lifelong learning we recognize as the ideal meaning of the phrase "teacher education." Our goal was to involve pre- and in-service teachers, teacher educators, administrators, researchers, and other professionals at all stages of their careers in a multidirectional sharing of expertise and experiences that would contribute to future exploratory practice and professional growth. With support like yours, we are able to continue programs like these year after year, expanding the knowledge of global researchers to international scholars and professionals.

Our Students

Shrey Savaria, Recipient of Dean's Academic Scholarship

Several years ago, I learned about VIU through a simple Google search, while studying for my undergraduate degree in my home country of India. Currently I am second year Graduate Student, studying in Information Systems. One thing I really enjoy about VIU is its diversity. I have made so many friends from different countries. The second is all the available scholarships to new and returning students. Being awarded the Dean's Academic Scholarship has allowed me to continue to focus on my studies, instead of worrying about the financial burden of attending graduate school.