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Do you want to study at a university where you are the priority? At VIU Online, we focus on you.

6 Start Dates
6 Start Dates

VIU online courses are taught in a flexible eight-week format, so you have the option to enroll in VIU online courses 6 times per year.

Affordable Tuition
Affordable Tution

VIU is a non-profit organization committed to supporting students by providing low-cost, quality education.

Globally-Inspired Faculty
Globally-Inspired Faculty

Our online classes are case-based to provide you with current hands-on knowledge you can take into the workplace.

Quality Matters

VIU is now a member of
Virginia Consortium of Quality Matters Organization

We are super excited to announce that VIU SOE joined Quality Matters Higher Education Program. Quality Matters is a trusted leader in quality assurance for online education, providing a replicable pathway for inter-institutional quality assurance and course improvement in online learning, a robust faculty development pathway, and a process to certify the quality of online courses.

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