President’s Message


At Virginia International University, we have been striving to provide the highest quality of education since our founding in 1998. In order to fulfill our mission, we have been working diligently to open new programs of study, all the while maintaining and exceeding our Accreditation Standards. Over the past years, VIU has displayed our dedication through our annual growth rates. I am happy and proud to say that our student body has grown steadily by more than 50% over the past five years.

Online learning is one of the most exciting advancements in higher education. Thus, VIU has focused on enhancing the School of Online Education. This school continues to expand and grow globally each year. Students study from places across the globe and have understood that our School of Online Education is the perfect fit for alternative and innovative ways of earning a degree, as well as reaching their educational goals and business demands.

With flexible schedules to take courses online or on-ground in our conveniently located campuses in Washington DC or Fairfax, VA, you can balance your responsibilities and receive accessible, affordable, and attainable education services – whenever and wherever you are. Our recognized business thinkers, analysts, and professors will support your educational journey and enable you to become part of the self-directed future of education here at VIU.

The School of Online Education at Virginia International University offers a curriculum centered on Business, Information Technology, Computer Science, Public Administration, International Affairs, and Education. These degrees are globally demanded by industrial needs worldwide. Moreover, the School of Online Education is researching new online learning methods from various perspectives in order to make our university even more competitive. As we continue to establish our success and reputation in the field of international higher education, you will be able to benefit from these unique opportunities and share them with students from all over the world to become successful and knowledgeable members of your community.

I believe that being able to access and receive the best education available is going to impact your entire life. So, let our minds expand our friendship as well as the scope of education on a global scale through online learning. I welcome you to our innovative learning environments and encourage you to engage with the millions of voices world-wide alongside your classmates VIU.

Isa Sarac, PhD
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