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Online Student Services

All services offered to on-campus students are available to online students as well. Many of the events held on campus are recorded and offered to online students. Several methods of delivery are being used to make sure that online students have access to these services. Student counseling is provided to online students by e-mail, phone, and live chat. The same methods are used for academic advising and guidance between students, faculty, and administrators of the university. In addition, online students are provided with the direct emails and phone numbers of the administrators on campus that can assist them with their needs. The website is also a primary source of information for our online learners. Please see below for the services that are available to online students:


The Accounting Department provides services to our online students in the following areas: tuition and fees payment, financial penalties, and cancellation and refund policies. Whenever you have any financial questions, you may contact the Accounting Department by email at accounting@viu.edu or by phone at 1.800.514.6848.


At VIU Online, textbooks for many courses will be available electronically. You will have access to the e-book for each course via VitalSource, previously known as CourseSmart, after you have registered for the course. All textbooks available as e-books have been added to Moodle for each course. Students may access these books by logging in to their Moodle accounts. Instructions for how to access the e-books will be provided in the orientation package. For those textbooks not available as e-books, students are required to obtain a copy by their own means.

Online Library

VIU Online students will have access to research resources through several online libraries: LIRN, e.brary, JSTOR, ERIC, and many more. LIRN provides students with access to databases in many fields of study. These databases offer the full-text of articles from thousands of journals. Many of these journals are peer reviewed. Students and faculty can access LIRN from any computer with an internet connection. The e.brary database is set up to meet the reference and research needs of students. It provides students with e-books, maps, journals, and reports. The database includes the full-texts of academic books. Students and faculty can also access e.brary from any computer with an internet connection. JSTOR Arts & Science Collections I, II, and VI provide access to the full-text of approximately 400 peer-reviewed journals in the areas of business and economics, political science, language and literature, finance, political science and international affairs, education, language and literature, sociology, and history. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is an online digital library of education literature and research sponsored by the US Department of Education. Full-texts are available for a quarter of the over 1.5 million bibliographic records in ERIC.

In addition to the online resources, VIU Online students can also get assistance from a librarian and a library assistant by email at library@viu.edu. You may also click here to send a message to the librarian.  Please visit the library’s website at VIU Library.

Technical Support

VIU’s IT Department provides support to VIU Online students when they experience any technical difficulties with campus email, the student portal, Moodle (online classroom), etc. Information regarding these resources and other services are also available on the IT Department’s website at VIU IT Department. If you cannot find the information that you need on the website, you may contact the IT Department by email at it@viu.edu.

Writing Center

The Writing, Research, and Media Center (WRMC) offers services in writing strategies, formatting, structure, Microsoft Office resources, research methods, and student learning modules for both residential and online students. VIU Online students may request online meeting with a coach by appointment. To request an appointment, please click Request a Consultation. Be sure to include the day and time you are available. Our coach will contact you to confirm the appointment. For more information, please visit the WRMC webpage.

Career Center

VIU’s Career Center offers career advice, employment search resources, and workshops to help students develop job search skills. The center also offers professional development workshops, résumé and cover letter reviewing services, online job and internship search tools, opportunities to practice interviewing, and counseling for career planning. If you have any questions about the Career Center and the services that are provided, you may contact our Career Center staff by filling out this form. For more information, please visit Career Center’s webpage at Career Center.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Your suggestions are important for our improvement, and we would like to hear from you.  If you have any suggestions, you may contact the Quality Assurance Department by submitting this Suggestion Form or by email at qa@viu.edu. Our Quality Assurance team will contact you regarding your suggestion.