Technology Requirements

Computer Requirements

Computer RequirementsOnline students are required to have access to a desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser. Although some learning materials and lecture videos can be seen on mobile devices such as iPads, android tablets and smartphones, a computer is required for the best experience with assignment preparation, project work and other class activities. Grades and discussions can be followed using mobile devices.

Internet Access

Internet RequirementBroadband internet connection is recommended. At least DSL speed internet connection is required for online courses. The latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended for the best online learning experience. Some features in a course may work best with a particular web browser. Online students are required to know how to install a new web browser and how to configure web browser settings. If you encounter technical problems, please contact your instructor or VIU Online user support at

Other Software & Hardware Requirements

Software Requirement

Minimum software is required on your computer:

  • Up-to-date virus protection software
  • Microsoft Office Suite or Office Online subscription
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader or browser add-on

Almost every online course incorporates several multimedia components. Your computer must support HTML5 videos and flash videos. A webcam, speaker and microphone are required to participate in classroom activities and produce multimedia assignment submissions.

Detailed computer requirements can be found here and supported browser details can be found here.