Way to Success

Success in online learning requires self-discipline, self-motivation and being in-charge of your own learning. Following information is gathered to help you improve your organizational skills which will lead to your success in your online studies:

Tips for success

  • Login to your course as soon as it is available to students,
  • Read the course syllabus thoroughly and understand course requirements,
  • Promptly, ask any questions you have in mind to your instructor using the Canvas messaging,
  • Follow all due dates for assignment submissions and discussion posts,
  • Login to your course on the first day of every week, and login again several times each week,
  • Set up your notification preferences and install the Canvas student app on your smartphone to receive important announcements and updates,
  • Actively participate in discussions forums. Your course attendance will be based on your participation in the weekly discussions. Logging into the course, alone, will not count as “present”.

What to expect in an online course?

An online course at VIU Online lasts for 8 weeks. Every week you will have study material to read (i.e., textbook chapters, articles etc.) and instructional videos to watch (i.e., lecture videos). You will have one or more assignments (i.e., reflections, research papers, project papers, exams) to submit each week. Also, you will be required to engage in discussion forums every week; you usually post your response to the discussion prompt (initial post) at the beginning of each week and then respond to other classmates’ posts (peer replies) on the third day of the week.

The courses usually start with a “self-introduction” discussion in which everyone introduces himself or herself to the class. There will be an “About the Instructor” page where you can find a welcome video from your instructor, contact information and virtual office hours. Every course has an “Ask Questions” discussion forum in which you can ask your questions to your instructor and classmates.

Study habits

Reserve a time and space for studying and communicate your study schedule with your room-mate, friends and family. Make sure to commit for time slots in several days a week, for instance, the first day of the week, the last day of the week and another day in between.

Know your weekly learning objectives and assignment submission requirements and plan your week on the first day of that week. Read, review the learning material and submit your initial post to the discussion forums as early as you can.

Focus on one assignment at a time, and make sure that you are paying your undivided attention to the assignment by avoiding phone use, internet surfing, playing games, and other distractions during this time.

For more study tips visit this website: https://www.how-to-study.com

Time management

Finish your weekly reading assignment in the first 2 days of the week. Check and note all due dates on your calendar and try not to miss a deadline. There will be due dates for weekly assignments, exams and term projects. A wall calendar in your study room is a great idea.

Make a to-do list every week and prioritize your assignments and weekly responsibilities. Reserve extra time for exams, and term projects that span over several weeks.

If you miss a due date, contact your instructor promptly and ask for extra time to submit the assignment. Many instructors will allow late submissions but some may deduct points. Make sure to communicate in advance.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions:

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