Academic Technology

We provide the following educational technology tools for our resident and online faculty:

Available Educational Technology

The following lecture recording tools are available in our Fairfax campus:

Lightboard (a.k.a Learning Glass)

A Lightboard is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light and it makes your writing glow in front of you ( VIU invested in “Learning Glass” to transform our lecture videos for online courses. Our faculty members who used it so far are very excited about it and provided positive feedback on it. The best thing with the lightboard is you always face to your students while writing on the board.


A Learning Glass training is available for VIU faculty who would like to utilize this tool in their teaching.
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Interactive Touchscreen

A 78 inch interactive touchscreen display/board is available to our faculty at our Fairfax campus. High-definition and ultra-bright display enables instructors to record stunning lecture videos while interacting with the content that is currently on the board.

Touchscreen Board

Green Screen

We provide a green screen recording studio for lecture recording purposes. The studio is equipped with professional lighting and audio systems with a teleprompter screen.

Green Screen

The following lecture recording tools are available for our online faculty who cannot visit our campus for lecture recording:

Microsoft Mix (now, PPT Slide Recording)

We recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint slide recording feature for recording narrated presentations to be used in online courses. Step-by-step tutorials and user guides are available to VIU faculty.

Office Mix

Canvas Arc

Canvas LMS provides a build-in is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media. Arc provides tools for storing and managing lecture videos, creating and editing closed captions and getting insights on student engagement.

Canvas Arc