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VIU Online Degrees

An array of flexible, asynchronous online courses deliver your coursework to your computer at the time and place that works best for you: morning, noon, or night… At home, work, or on your mobile device.

Interaction is the key to success in online classes. Students’ and professor’s participation in the online class creates a dynamic environment and a positive learning experience. Students taking online classes become part of the fastest growing learning movement, a movement with incredible opportunities as well as definite challenges.

Online classes are 8-weeks long. Students receive the syllabus, with detailed outline of the course, and the course content available on the first day of class. Instructors maintain constant contact with students, assessing their work, responding to their inquiries, and initiating dialogues.

The learning outcomes are assessed through case analysis, exercises, projects, research papers, and exams, all presented online. Students are able to contact the professor through the virtual office, or directly through email, phone, or scheduling on campus meetings. In the online classroom they can also use a variety of tools to interact with their classmates.

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Online English as a Second Language Program