Internships are a great way for you to test your skills in real-life situations and explore your career options before graduating. Internships provide a chance to find out about different areas of a business and to network with professionals in the field. Completing an internship can also raise your chances of getting a job after graduation. It is not unusual for companies to make job offers to some of their interns.

VIU students can include internship experiences in their program of study. An internship provides a chance for students to gain real world experience. Internships can also be completed within specific courses and the student can earn a part of the course credit. VIU cannot guarantee that all students will be able to participate in an internship, but provides support at the Career Center on the availability and the process of securing one.

VIU’s Career Counselor can answer questions about your job search and career path. The Career Center holds workshops on job search techniques and resume building. Please contact our Career Counselor at for more information, visit the VIU Career Planning and Placement Center website for more details.